Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How do you do?

How do you do? 

well, how am I supposed to answer that questions ya? :) 

I'm doing good right here.. still struggling here and there..huhu..
Business is not easy as it seems.. it takes great courage and patient..( buli jadi gila oo kalu x tahan..)
When the business seems to 'pick up', ada ja yang tida tentu pasal jadi..
Jealous people will try to bring you down,
uncertainties, electrics, weather, water, aduduii...
Bila bisnes mau bagus, hujan pula, bila cuaca bagus, tiada letrik pula...cubaan betul la. :(

We try to keep calm and thank God for everyday He gave us.. 
Bukan senang juga oo..

WHY the hell we took this path?? 
Why we don't want the comfortable life that we once had??
adakah kami x grateful? atau tamak??

Well, for those questions, here is the answer...

that comfortable life I have been talking about is once OUR WISH.. But

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