Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How do you do?

How do you do? 

well, how am I supposed to answer that questions ya? :) 

I'm doing good right here.. still struggling here and there..huhu..
Business is not easy as it seems.. it takes great courage and patient..( buli jadi gila oo kalu x tahan..)
When the business seems to 'pick up', ada ja yang tida tentu pasal jadi..
Jealous people will try to bring you down,
uncertainties, electrics, weather, water, aduduii...
Bila bisnes mau bagus, hujan pula, bila cuaca bagus, tiada letrik pula...cubaan betul la. :(

We try to keep calm and thank God for everyday He gave us.. 
Bukan senang juga oo..

WHY the hell we took this path?? 
Why we don't want the comfortable life that we once had??
adakah kami x grateful? atau tamak??

Well, for those questions, here is the answer...

that comfortable life I have been talking about is once OUR WISH.. But

Friday, July 4, 2014

My Husband's hardest and biggest decision!

Once upon a time, we have everything we need ( we thought we were) just named it; bought our own house, cars, and a piece of nt land, insurances, credit card, stemcells, investment, savings..and we even can spend money 'ikut suka hati', bought anything we want, tidur hotel tiap minggu, saloon tiap minggu, massage spa almost every week.belanja family makan tiap minggu, hari-hari day and night makan di luar (malas masak!! ) life seems so good for us..we were happy, children also happy, every one is happy ( i think )


We decided to get out from our comfort zone ( end of January 2014 ) Challenge accepted!  Hubby resigned and build his own business(es).. saya macam besa mana dapat resign..haha... so, no more spending money yang bukan2, no more hotel, no more belanja, no more saloon, no more massage ( kdg2 ada juga ), no more... emm makan di luar ada jg sikit , baru mo adapt ni, mau try2 masak d rumah tp susah mo adjust masa..huhuu...

Today is 4 of July, guess we are still alive and catching up wif our new challenging life here.. yup, it is not easy, we must mentally and emotionally strong enough to face this MONEY matters with unconditional love and supports from our family members and friends ( Praise God for that !! )

Let me tell you something about my husband;

He is; very intelligent, ambitious, kind, visionary, missionary, strong, humble, and ... banyak lagi ( saya x tau istilah dia.. )  in 5 years of working with  3 different company, he just made it to the Project Manager, and when the boss offered him something better, he decided to drop it and started his own business..
( ramai kawan yang x tau, ingat dia masi lg kuli2, coz he is very humble, x cakap basar pya org, simple, baju pun baju lama.. padahal basar jg gaji dlu, tapi dia ckp bagus lg org x tau.. )
When he started his business with our own money, ba mimang la susah kan.. di sana la byk cabaran, ada lg company offer dia kerja wif salary Rm25k ++ apa nda tempted..but he didn't accept it..bukan pasal money, it's about passion, it's about time, it's about HAPPINESS..

My husband is a very ambitious person, his dreams are BIG...
He wants to serve the community, offers excellent eco-friendly services,  and save environment ( adaka begini? hehe )
He wants to hire people, helps people, instead of being hired .. (huahua...)
He wants to set up good futures for his children, ( perhaps companies for them to run.. )

Yes, His dreams are BIG, me myself pun x tau kalu dapat achieve ka tidak. but all I know, he needs my supports, family supports, friends' and most of all ; GOD :) Apapun, hopefully, everything will be fine and May His Dreams come true la kan :)

Lastly, We would like to thank you to all families and friends for your understanding and supports..


p/s ~ ignore the grammatical error ya ..hehe

The good old days: 


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