Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Khloe is 4 months today :)

Our Baby Khloe is 4 months old today :)
( i mean yesterday 21. Aug.2011)
and her wonderful achievement for today is she is able to rolling over from her back onto her front :)  

Yeay thumbs up to baby Khloe :)  
This video was taken yesterday 21. Aug.2011at 10.35pm..
Sendiri2 dia limpang2 trus berpusing, and hubby sempat ambk kamera pg rakam dia :)
Nasib kami dapat jg bkeras hati nda mo tolong dia kasi adjust tangan dia :) 
then dia pandai sendiri adjust tangan dia..hahaha
We're so happy and proud to be her parents :) 

P/S ~ Ignore kawasan sekeliling nya k :) hahaha..
This video has been converted and sorry for the "not very good" quality..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

CathJ Blog Guest : My Wedding Gown

Yeay :) I would like to become one of CathJ blog guest :) 

ni kali pasal Wedding Gown :)
Siok ooo sharing and baca pasal wedding gown kamurang ni :) 
so syapun nda mo ketinggalan :)
But, I use my old post coz dlu sya sda kasi cerita pasal Wedding gown sya di blog lama ( 
So kasi share lagi la :)
okay .. sambung...

At first, the wedding gallery suggested me this gown (picture below)But, I have decided to search, look & design my wedding gown with my own style :)


So, I found this (picture below) and I like the waist design..
so, ta-da... my wedding gown *modified design..hahaha...
I would like to have decent gown, so sya tambah2 la di atas tu :)
nasib ngam juga kan? :)
Okay, ini Princess Gallery can be found at Kingfisher Likas, but since they're closed for renovation and moved temporarily at Damai, I have to go to Damai saaaana tingkat atas kedai yg sukar mau dijejaki :)
The designer is in U.S.A and this wedding gown was made from U.S.A :) hihi..
This Special Wedding Gown is a gift from hubby to me :)
Big Thanks to hubby :)
( cuba2 tu wedding gown.. )
It took two months to have everything settled ( Design, measuring,Email-emailing, discussion, altering, etc)
So, here goes my wedding gown ( Courtesy : Alvin Ting )
And the crown is a present from my colleague friend Dyna :)
Specially from Kuala Lumpur.. :)
Thanks a lot Dy :)
And this glove & veil,
I bought it at Citymall tym kamirang ada blogger gathering tu hari di Citymall :)
together with AnnieMng & NC kawankan sya pg beli those glove & veil tym tu :)
nasib baik secocok with my gown :)
So, here I am complete in the wedding gown + crown + loooong veil + gloves
( Full set that is all mine :) ) hihi..
*padahal sikarang sana kena taruk dalam plastik
and actuali I was thinking to have a photoshoot again in that complete set of my wedding gown :)
emmm.. bila la mau bgambar lagi ni ar :)

With my bridesmaid a.k.a my cousin, Imelda Joprine yg byk tolong2 sya adjust tu wedding gown.. susah kama mau urus tu wedding gown kalu suda pakai..huhu...

*happy kunun.. :) padahal kepanasan suda ni tau.. hahaha..but actuali in the wedding gown nda brapa panas :) just nice :)


Walk down the aisle of the church..


so, that's all about the wedding gown of mine :)
*sya mau simpan untuk my first daughter and give her when she'll get married
(kalau dia slim macam sya la ... hahaha )
nanti suda tua, buli la sya tambirang ckit.. hihi :) and ada proof yg sya pernah slim :) kih kih kih

Skrg tu wedding gown sana almari :) nanti Wedding anniversary sya mo pakai kunun.. hahaa.. :)
Harap2 la buli muat especially d bhgn perut.. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #2

Today, someone emailed me these pictures..

Nah, gara2 bertelefon sambil bjalan, ni la jadinya.. 
bagus buat satu perkara ja dlm satu masa..huhu..

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