Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy father's day to Daddy Khloe

Hi all, 
wanna wish Happy father's day to my hubby a.k.a Daddy Khloe Nataly :) 
First time celebrate Father's day ba :) hihi..
but nothing special happen today.. coz hubby need to go to Miri today ..
Yup today this morning..
For sea survival course ( What is Sea Survival Course?? emm.. will share to you later ya :) )

Baby Olowe ( Khloe ) with daddy.. mau tidur tu dia..
And not forgetting My own Daddy ( Mr. Richard Tayuk ) and Father-in-law ( Mr. Philip Felix)
Happy Father's day to you :)

Actuali, me myself and family never celebrate father's day, mother's day or wut ever day 
( except for bday & Christmas day )
Blum lg pernah beli2 kek n buat majlis mo sambut tu perayaan..just a simple & special wishes for them :)
lenkali la kan :) mau jg try ni :) hehe..

okay la til then ;)


memeljoan said...

Hepi daddy's day to daddy khloe...

Just said...

Besanya Mommy's day yg ada celebration.. daddy's day agak kurang.. hihihi.. apa2 pun, happy daddy's day to your hubby.. :D

nc said...

happy fathers day to daddy khloe juga a :)
our family oso never really celebrate the mother father day thingy.. but since a couple of years ago..we made it a habit. hehe.. macm siok pla.. balik2 dpt makan kek hehe :)
ceh..itu pla pasal kunun. hahaha..kek.

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