Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm back (12Aug 2013)

Testing testing..yay I'm back to blogosphere.. It has been two years since I quit blogging..during my previous pregnancy I just need privacy and decided to quit blogging..but now I'm back.. Thank God, blogging is much easier nowadays ..x pyh lg pakai lappy.can blog wherever and whenever I want.. Wanna share a lot here and will share it out soon ya..

Attached : The pictures of my lovely daughter Khloe and son Kayden during our holiday in Kampung ( Ranau) last week..
Picture 1 : Kayden is 11months young and cuba2 untuk bdiri memanjat and berjalan..

Picture 2 : Khloe ( 2y4m ) excited to wash her new bicycle 

Picture 3 : Family lunch at Perkasa Hotel Kundasang

Picture 4 : Outing at Desa Cattle Dairy Farm Kundasang..
That Ice Cream is a yum-yum thumbs in mouth..hahahaa

Catching up with me at my next post 2moro ya :) 


beaty said...

Welcome back nad!

Ur two cutie pie is so adorable!

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