Thursday, August 15, 2013

Movie Review - Conjuring

I don't know why I'm very eager to watch this horror movie..hahaha..
Nasib okay juga la..
P/s~ yang belum tgk, jan baca ni review, coz I don't want to spoil your "excitement"..hahaha

Okay, well, it's about this Roger's family ( Picture below )
just moved in to the new old house by the lake..

this is that scary house ( picture below )
But, it turn out that this house is haunted by the previouuuuus owner who was a witch killed her own baby then hanged herself at the tree ( cuba tgk tu nah gmbr rumah tu..hehe )
then, anyone yang tinggal tu rumah will be possessed and killed their own child

They asked Ed Warren ( demonology ) and his wife Lorraine for help..
 Ed Warren is a paranormal investigator & his wife is a dua2 ada kelebihan and byk pengalaman sm demon etc..
 Jadi ada la kerasukan dia mo bunuh anak dia then kena kasi selamat....hehe 
Bikin takut juga la.. 
9 out of 10 stars la sya bagi :) 
Dia punya scene ba bikin takut,
bikin nervous arghhh... bukan mcm tipical wyg hantu yg lain yg byk sound2 tu..(if you know what i mean )
 tambah2 lagi ni penonton d cinema teriak2 jadi tambah takut la.hahaha..
Worth the money :)

Til then..


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