Wednesday, August 11, 2010

(T-I-M-E ) Time Management

Nah~ I'm not gonna teach you how to manage time here,
I just wanna share my problem..
I am sure everyone sumtimes have problem with time management..
Lots of things to be settled ( at work or at home... sama jak
Lots of things to think about..
Well, as I hate to hear the words "Tiada masa bah!!" from others, 
I am trying my best to NOT to say that words to others too~
kalau ada orang ble jual masa, mungkin suda lama dia jadi kaya.. ( Hahahaha )
I found that it is EASY to find time and indeed We do have a lot of time ( BUT..
( ada tapi lagi ni ) but we have to sacrifice our energy.. 
For me, "Ada tenaga, ada Masa" ( or buli juga la kalu jam ada masa hiihihii )
 Time!! Time!! Time!!

Maybe TIME is everything :) 
Here I found Short Inspirational Film about nice :D
~T o a child Love is spelled T-I-M-E

Be inspired and find your time :)
ba, time to sleep suda :) hihi... 
Signed off at 11.00pm 11th Aug.2010


dreamChaser said...

kalau sa bulih jual masa..mesti bnyk pembeli kn..hehe :)

nda pa cigu, there is a time for everything, tpi memang panat kn kalau mau urus bnyk benda dlm masa yg terhad. huhu..
ba, palan2 ye :) cheersss

SJB said...

Tu lah ada ada saja kan alasan hehehe.

eugene said...

time management to me is,,,,,, always give ourselves some allowance

chegu carol said...

and that is why, i treasure my noon nap the most. tida buli kasi miss. hehehe

Kris and Nadia said...

NC~ :) ya ba, kaya trus ooo berebut org mau p membeli :D hihi.. ya betul2, penat jg mau kejar masa ni.. adoi2, thanks :D I try my best kio :D hihi..

SJB~ :D sya paling takut oo mau ckp "tiada masa" nanti betul2 tiada masa nah amciam kan??huhu..

Kris and Nadia said...

Eugene~ :) wow Agree wif you :D lets give ourselves lots of allowance :D

Chegu Carol~ hahaha :D betul2 .. kalu sya skul pagi pun, tidur tghari yg paling best :) hihi..

lvynana said...

memang setuju kalau 'ada tenaga, ada masa', that's why saya selalu cakap ' tengok la kalau saya larat!'
nampak sangat pemalas kan :D

Steffy said...

time management bg sa.. kita blh start dgn priority.. prioritize all the things and then lma2 blh ter-manage jg tu.. jeng3..

tips dr mumy sa tu.. wahahaha

Kris and Nadia said...

Lvynana~ :) tapi betul jg ba tu :D kalu kita larat n bertenaga buli la kita buat, but kalu teda tenaga, amcm jg kan :)

Steffy~ :)wow bagus tu :D ba sya pakai la ni tips ar :D bgs ko jadi cikgu ooo ada role model ko kan :D hehehe

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