Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alone or Lonely

I often wonder what is the difference between alone and lonely..
Here I got some points that i can understand.

Alone is the time that we need to free our mind, and gives ourselves a chance to "breathe".

Lonely is the feeling of unloved or uncared.

"Being alone at times in your life is very freeing, it gives us a chance to really think.
Alone time can be very productive and healing.
Being lonely, now that is a different state all together.
Being alone is a state of physical reality, being lonely is an emotional state of being.
Feeling lonely is very similar and often synonymous with feeling unloved or uncared for. When one is lonely, one feels disconnected from the world at large, they also may feel disconnected from their source energy. "

Quoted from - The Naked Soul

So, guess I'm alone but not lonely (@_@)


Beck the BandagedKnees said...

great one.. ;) yup.. im alone too.. but not lonely.. n its a positive ways to get back to our selve together..:P

xoxox.. rock on! hehe nice blog oo moi.. im here. for the 1stime kan sa leave comment.. ^_^ will b around.. :D ty kio for keep in touch! ^_^

smexy juga tu.. btw!? hehe.. xoxoxo

Kris and Nadia said...

Hi beck, ya..huhu...sedih ni alone..i hate being alone but i oso hate in crowded..huhu...

Iya ba beck, 1st time leave a comment..bravo to beck..hihi..

hahah..smexy lg tu..bunsit tu sbenarnya..huhu... (^_^)

Mark said...

Glad to see that you enjoyed my writing and that it help you find some answers to your question. Thank-you for the link!

Angeline said...

hi Nad!....nice blog...ya...sometimes i need alone but not lonely...hihi...

Kris and Nadia said...

Huhu.. maybe all we need is being alone?? miahaha..

Pirut said...

Try to be always happy eventhough u are alone and learn to be not lonely. :) Thats the meaning of happy go lucky.. :) All the best!!

GregChai a.k.a. teekay said...

my definition of
alone - is when you need to do stuff that only you know best and nobody can assist you

lonely - is when someone or everyone leave you

cheers :)

C.Alv.B said...

Me? both of it..hehehhehehe

InobonG ProPer said...

Don't worry gia..when u feel lonely..try and talk to HIM..i guarantee u...u won't be lonely after that

....some other time..we need to be alone juga bah kan..

it's all up to us...

Kris and Nadia said...

Pirut - Ya,, agree wif u..Happy go lucky owez.. Its mean when we r lonely, we'll try to make ourselves not lonely ba kan..hihi

Gregchai - Ya, agree wif you too.. alone is the time we spend with ourselves..

Alv - R u sure? i think u r lovely person.. sure every1 loves u :-)

Phil - Ya, that's what i do every time i feel lonely.. :-) ya its all up to us..

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