Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back 2 Africa

Last nite, me n hub's fam went to see this movie..

As expected, this movie is so damn hilarious + funny. I bet You dun wanna miss every single scene of this movie..miahhaha

And I advise you ( who wanna see this movie ) - stay focus coz the jokes are really spontaneous and enjoy the movie wif popcorn..miahaha..

The storyline??
This 4 friends lost their way in Africa.. and they were back to the place where they belong.. and so many things happens. I guess there are 3 or 4 stories in this movie.then..
nah~ i leave this as a surprise .. U gotta to see this, its worth ur money.

I like to move it move it.. do you like to move it move it??

If so...

Then, move it!!!!


Alv0808 said...

Wanna go and watch this movie soon..

Bandagedknee said...

-_-"" ouch... lol sa pun mo tinguukkkk!!! -_-"" mcm laa best kaaa..? :D hehehe..

O_O"" td sa tinguk the coffin.. :D yay! lol.. ;) moi.. i heard that u gonna b away for a week..? :) lol gonna miss u.. ;) hav fun in watever u do moi! ;) xoxox

ron3103 said...

arghhh i wanna watch it too but hav 2 wait 6 more days till habis exam cilakaksss!!!

Kris and Nadia said...

Miahaha... Im back..

C.alv.b - ok go watch over 5 stars...

Beck - Beck, the coffin lg tu.. huhu..ok la? hihi... Ok beck TQ..( i dun have 2 say anything kan coz u knw everything.. :) )

Ron- sabar.. all the best for ur exam..miahaha...

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