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This twilight movie was adapted from a novel by Stephenie Meyer.

Main cast of this movie :

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan
Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

Simple synopsis from me :

Bella returns to live wif her father in Fork, Washington.
So, new place ~ new room ~ new school ~ new friends..
meet up wif freak/hot guy ( Edward Cullen )
fall in love..
coz he had saved her from accident/bad luck..

She feels curious
found out that he's a vampire
but still in love wif him.

They're together.
Fight.. fight.. fight..
and Together..
~ Happy ending ~

( Dun want to spoil ur day, I have 2 leave it like this, as a surprise :-P )

Simple thought of mine :

Dunno why r the girls in the cinema started to scream/ make some noise
Edward Cullen speaks ?
* Very annoying
Sorry to say, but I didn't find him ( Edward ) so damn handsome..
( The DAD- Dr. Carlisle Cullen much 'hawt' than Edward ~ wink *)

Scenes :

# For 1st 30 minutes, I felt so boring...

# Then, "wow'' ~ when Edward saved Bella

# Of course, got censored scene.. ( ~ spoil the movie.. )

# "Falling in love" scenes - Beautiful scenery
( Dating at the top of the tree
on the mountain
beside the lake
underneath white clouds
~ juz some hyperbolic from me *wink )

# I like the Baseball part.. Cool !!

# Fighting scene ~ not very interesting..
it's around 1-3 minutes..
I want more fighting scene!!!!!
( huhu... )

Sadly, Edward didnt turn Bella into vampire eventhough Bella reali want to..
*Hey, wut was he thinking?
They can live together,
happily ever after
if they r both vampires, isnt it?
( or Maybe I shud read the book..kuang2 )

My rate to Twilight : 3.5 /5

+ Now I knw , why vampires feared towards sunlight ?@#^$##


CaRoL Kc said...

I knowww.... haiz.. sia pun bgi 3.0 bintang ja la.. such a disappointment.. hopefully the sequel is better than this.. *fingers crossed*

RON said...

hmm...mcm x siok...:C

Beck the BandagedKnees said...

i know y they scream..!! O_O"" because the vamp always smexy!! n i'm addicted to it.. :( argghhhh!! i want to ccccccc!! >_<"" moi... sa mo tingukk!! lol.. i lov the vamp! hehee... ^_^ im obsessed wif it baa actually! :)

la la la.. ^_^ xoxoxox nitey nite

nc said...

cerita vampire ka pla ni,, oooo,,sa pn mo tingu la ni,, i like vampire2 punya story ni,, haha,,

Kris and Nadia said...

CAROL - yup, such a disappointment.. huhu.. lek ko..sya tau ko kecewa tahap gaban.. huhu..

RON - Ron, maybe taste kita blainan, ko pg tgk jg la..hihi..ok jg ba..setakat ok ja la..hihi..

BECK & NC - Actuali, vampire can be smexy.. but in this movie.. i dun think so.. i dun even see the vampire's fang in this movie( which im dying to c.. maihaha..sedih.. ) and emm.. dunno wut to say.. didnt reach my expectation la..huhu.. i want more fights between vamp and some unexpected scene ka apa .. huhu.. (-.-)

Willie said...

Wah...a vampire? should be a nice movie. And got censored scene? Hahaha...Our govt surely censored one. Hehehe

Kris and Nadia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chegu carol said...

oh cerita lain...stephenie meyer's books on 30% off at Times Book Sale sana KAC...

havent watch Twilight.
will probably wait from Torrent :P

Kris and Nadia said...

Willie- It shud be a nice movie, but sad to say... huhu.. censored scene reali spoil the movie coz suddenly c edward tbuang to the wall.. tambah blank .. huhu.. ^&*()(*&

CHEGU CAROL - really?? uiks.. next tym will go there... ya u shud wait and download it from torrent.. huhu.. :-)

Wel^Beiolman said...

wahaha..why vampire takut sun?share la..hehe..sia mau jadi vampire ni...

watch the series moonlight..good one...


Kris and Nadia said...

WEl - hahaha... dorg takut sunlight coz kulit dorg bsinar2/kilat mcm diamond kalu tkena sunlight which is ridiculous for me.. huahua... kalu sya jadi vampire, tambah sya suka kena sunlight...maihaha...

nc said...

hi nadia,, hehe,, sda sia p tingu ni movie o lepas ja baca review ko ni,,:)

for me, i luv it, tpi si gaman sia di sebelah,,nokoodop ba,, hahaha..tpi dia bilang siok kunun,, haha,,sot.

buti luve Edward..hehe
the whole vampire thingy. i luv the story.
ba, jn lupa bca review sia pla a,,kikikik..;)

Kris and Nadia said...

NC - hi NC, uiyo bgs2.. sya kasi review bgs jg ba kan.. yg penting rating ada tgi ckit la..hihi..

Atokoi, kali gaman ko modop trus tmimpi masuk dlm twilight kali tu.. tula dia dpt feeeel btul tu wyg..hihi...

Sya pun suka jg ba vampire thingy ni, sya suka bila nmpak fangs dia, n the way they fight ka.. vampire kan be SMEXY ba kan hihi..

Ok.. but sya sda pg tgk blog ko, teda pun review..hihi.. nanti sya check blk2 k.. dun wori :)

Leaemy said...

i really wanna see this tapi tiada masa haha semua kawan2 pun suka betul, maybe i'll watch it when its available online :P

Kris and Nadia said...

Leaemy, sori ... late reply- ok better go watch it online rather than at d cinema :)

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