Saturday, November 8, 2008

Quantum of Solace

What should I say about this movie ? Met my expectation -
Two thumbs Up !!

Even though, I don't really understand the storyline is or what the heck are they doing of chasing and shooting around, but I still enjoyed the actions.

( So here, I'm not gonna tell about the story, just some piece of mind to share )

This 007 movie starts with a chasing-racing-shooting scenes where Bond use Ashton Martin
oh my, poor this expensive car ) racing and shooting after the villain.

Btw, great chased!! )

All I want to say about this movie is ... James Bond is a real

You know what I mean rite? hahaha... )

If you want to see a movie that can pump up your adrenalin, this Quantum of Solace is the answer.

So, go for it...


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