Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back 2 Africa

Last nite, me n hub's fam went to see this movie..

As expected, this movie is so damn hilarious + funny. I bet You dun wanna miss every single scene of this movie..miahhaha

And I advise you ( who wanna see this movie ) - stay focus coz the jokes are really spontaneous and enjoy the movie wif popcorn..miahaha..

The storyline??
This 4 friends lost their way in Africa.. and they were back to the place where they belong.. and so many things happens. I guess there are 3 or 4 stories in this movie.then..
nah~ i leave this as a surprise .. U gotta to see this, its worth ur money.

I like to move it move it.. do you like to move it move it??

If so...

Then, move it!!!!


C.Alv.B said...

Wanna go and watch this movie soon..

Beck the BandagedKnees said...

-_-"" ouch... lol sa pun mo tinguukkkk!!! -_-"" mcm laa best kaaa..? :D hehehe..

O_O"" td sa tinguk the coffin.. :D yay! lol.. ;) moi.. i heard that u gonna b away for a week..? :) lol gonna miss u.. ;) hav fun in watever u do moi! ;) xoxox

ron3103 said...

arghhh i wanna watch it too but hav 2 wait 6 more days till habis exam cilakaksss!!!

Kris and Nadia said...

Miahaha... Im back..

C.alv.b - ok go watch over 5 stars...

Beck - Beck, the coffin lg tu.. huhu..ok la? hihi... Ok beck TQ..( i dun have 2 say anything kan coz u knw everything.. :) )

Ron- sabar.. all the best for ur exam..miahaha...

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