Monday, August 17, 2009


Halo there..
I've figure out why my updates didn't appear at the bloglist..
It's all about the Feed..
Now I've disabled the Feed and it doesnt work.. huhu
Now I add the Feed ... hope it works..
To all my readers, if you want my updates please subscribe my feeds ya :)
and kasi ganti dalam bloglist ka kalu nda silap..
I want to tell smua yg ada sana bloglist ba but nda cukup masa..huahua..
sori kpd sesiapa yg sya nda bgto k


chegu carol said...

I've subscribed to your feed via my Google Reader and it never failed giving me your latest updates including the previous three entries. Sa punya platform bukan Blogger jadi sa teda blog list or blog follower macam kamurang punya... :)

btw, neat new layout :)

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