Monday, July 12, 2010

My perception about Wedding

We've been married for 2 months 2 weeks and 4 days now :) 
Not yet have a good news and we're trying our best :) hihi..
 Well, glad to see many of my friends hitched themselves :) welcome to the club bebeh :) 
When I see their wedding pictures, honestly I feel happy and there's a feeling of 
"yiii... bestnya ko @ jeles sya @ cantiknya @ etc "
Is it a feeling of jealous?? 
At first, I thought so... BUT...
for me it's not a jealousy :) yes, it isn't :)
If I can turn back time when Me & hubby were busy preparing for the wedding, 
I think I don't wanna change a thing :) 
My wedding on 24th April 2010 was perfect for me :) 
and maybe it was meant to be like that :)
Grand ka atau tidak Grand..I just don't care as long as me & hubby are happy now :D
Apa juga guna kalu kahwin grand-grand kalu x happy ( for example tu artis2 la )  

My perception about Wedding

It is not how great your wedding party, 
It is not how many carats your wedding rings,
It is not how long your wedding gown tail, 
It is not how many tiers your wedding cakes,

It is how great your honesty &loyalty,
It is how many times you keep your promises,
It is how long your love will last,
It is how many times you're willing to sacrifice... NR

I'm so glad to have supportive families, relatives & friends  ..
Mau urus kahwin mau banyak tanya and sharing :) 
I cant thank you enough to all of you who are being supportive throughout my wedding :)
families, cousins :) best friends :) blogger friends :) 
Thank you very much..
walaupun sya slalu banyak tanya soalan yang sama, tetap dorg bagi jawapan yg sama juga :) hihi.. 
I mean dorgpun x jemu menjawab :)

Now, it's my marriage I have to take care about ;) (bukan lagi wedding )
And marriage ni mau urus pun bukan senang pula :)
Nah, part2 marriage & baby2 lagi mau tanya2 sama orang2 yang bpengalaman ni tau..
and so happy to hear their stories, lain orang lain cerita pula :)

We are moving forward now and time flies very very super duper fast! 
A lot of BIG plans ahead!
P/S~ Rancangan yang tidak menyusahkan orang lain dan diri sendiri :) but 'syiok' plan :) hihi..

Two human loves make one divine.
- Elizabeth Barrett Browning
so now you know my perception of wedding, I would like to know yours :) 
manatau nda sama :) or ada tambahan :)  lain orang lain cerita :)


Mimi said...

I always cry at weddings.. I'm very sentimental but I've never tried comparing other people's wedding to mine. Betul tu you said, lain orang lain taste, kan?

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Hehe! I like this post of yours.. Buat sa banyak befikir pasal marriage ;) Inda lama lagi kami mau celebrate 1st Anniversary suda oo.

Wedding sudah limpas, yang penting mau tumpukan perhatian sama hal2 yang lagi besar kan.. Cheritakan lah apa big plan kamurang Nad.. Hihihi

Vienne said...

yesh..there are so many things to consider after wedding, many things to take care and the most important is to make the bond tougher and stronger...
nah skrg mo tggu baby kluar suda..hehe...the feeling of pregnant tu siok ni..

nc said...

my perception about wedding..its the ceremony that brings two people as ONE. :)
and its also the celebration that the bride n groom will remember eternally - wedding anniversary will never be the same as the real wedding it self.. but they (anniversaries) reflect how ur love can stand the test of time and each other..haha.

Marriage: its the bond that allows you to take care and love another sick or health.. for better or worse.

i luv being married. u stay in love. and u are entrusted with God's sacrament to do so.

aiseh seh..i better stop.
melalut lalut sda sa ni..haha :)

lvynana said...

cantik kata-kata you.

eugene said...

Again wishing you another few hundre 2 months and 2 weeks of being together matrimoniously speaking, and may god continue to bless you guys with many many more 2 months and 2 weeks, that's so beautiful, aint it?

take care now

rahma said...

good post nad :)
btw, if u ask me if i want to turn back time during ur wedding, i would say yes hehehee... its not tht i don't like ur wedding, love it!! but i really want to turn it back so tht i will be extra, extra careful... i got into minor accident during parking at Promenade bah tu nad hehehee....

Mell_f said...

I believe the marriage itself is very important than the wedding,so yeah i dont have any special perception about it. Tapi perception about marriage i have looottttsssss of 'em. makin sy tua,makin sy byk falsafah oh adeeiiihh :D

Steffy said...

Wedding is a holy ceremony where two becomes one. In God's eyes the two people is one od. So manusia jgn cuba2 p kacau laki or bini org. Dosa besar kama~ ngehehe~

Ard said...

cinta + kasih sayang + kejujuran + kepercayaan + perkongsian suka duka = PERKAHWINAN...paling penting,...I'm in love with my hubby...thanx baby kerana sentiasa bersabar dengan ku... weee...(^_^)

lydia12 said...

love this post :)
wishing u both all d best for ur "BIG" plans...
may great things will happen ^^

chegu carol said...

i want to get married again. with my husband of course! hehe...

what i think of a wedding? a celebration of love in the name of God...a spiritual pledge that what God has made one shall not be separated.

memeljoan said...

Wah nad, plan la bagus2 aa...for me, i love my wedding walaupun mungkin ada yg lebih grand, lebih cantik, lebih happening time durang punya wedding tp for me, my wedding is perfect and i'm not gonna forget it...:)

Kris and Nadia said...

Mimi~ hihi.. :) ya sya ada nmpk tu merah2 mata ko tym wedding dorg daniel :) hihi..*kidding ;) ya betul lain org lain taste ba kan :D

Annie~ ya betul2 ;) suddenly came across my mind ba this thing about marriage & wedding ;) hihi.. aik, ada ba sya crita ko slalu d sikul kan :D nanti kita story2 lagi k :D

Vienne~ ya betul2 :) wah, itu la ba sya jeles jg ni dgn org2 pregnant :) siok tu kan :) mesti siok lagi tym ada baby tu :) yiiiii nda sabr ooo tgk baby ko kluar :D

Kris and Nadia said...

Nancy~ :) thanks for sharing ;) Everyone has almost the same wedding but different marriage ba kan :D hihi..sya pun suka la being married and jadi puan ni..hihi :) but sya mau naik pangkat lagi ba :D hihi.. (ko paham ba kan? hihi )

Lvynana~ :) Thanks :D

Eugene~ Yup :) thank you very much :) it is so amazing and beautiful :D

Kris and Nadia said...

Rahma ~ alalala betul ba??? adoi2 kesian ko, napa nda bgto sya tu hari kita jumpa d 1b ..huhu.. nasib ko teda apa2 kan .. sya ingat ur hubby yg hantar ko..huhu... ba nda apa la kan, yg penting ko selamat :) n cant wait to sambut org baru :) hihii..

Mell~ hahaha :D ya ba betul2 :) ba ur turn will come very soon :D hihi..

Steffy~ aiseymen c steffy mcm warning2 pula ni..hihi :D ba :) thank you stef :D

Kris and Nadia said...

Ard~ aiseymen ard :) update ba blog ;) hihi...

Lydia12~ hi lydia mana satu ni ya ? :) thanks :D

Chegu Carol~ :) ya betul2 :) me too wanna get married wif the same person again :D hahaha :D Thanks for sharing ;) ohya sya ada pakai kris pya laptop komen sana ur blog but still x dpt wooo...huhu...

Memel~ ya betul2 ;) ada lg yg kluar duit lagi byk kan :) but still we think ours are better for us kan :D hihi..

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