Thursday, July 1, 2010

Things are Getting Serious here

Yeahhh... Finally, I have my Own Custom-made Template :)
Thanks to Hubby :)
He's 'manja-ing' me very much.. 

1st of July 2010 is here :) and today my blog is open after a very looooong renovation process..hihi.. :)
so, this post is like 
for my blog... 
*applause please.. :D

July means to me :
1. my birthday, my father's bday, and my mom's bday is coming to 'town' hahahaa :D can't wait
2. half year is done, now looking for December.. :) 
3. things getting more serious now .. focus on exam, P&P and school works :)since the wedding is done, it's time for us both to focus on our career :) 
4. and hobby also getting serious :) hahahaa

Aiyoi, I'm very busy and feel energetic after the school re-opened last week,
dun know why? tiba2 bersemangat waja ni..
maybe there are so many works to be done 
maybe I've just knocked my head accidentally
maybe I just want to make myself busy since hubby is not here until my B'Day  :)

Okay, talking about my new template here ;)
It's wonderfully done and custom-made by cedong ipit 
( I've been her loyal follower for 2 years & I really love all her templates )

I just want to say to her :

I really-really like this template :) 
Very Romantic..
Me & hubby naik skuter :) & there is a house over there, which is our next target :D
and the color is so nice & very colorful :) 
and most of all, it makes me happy :) rasa rajin suda mau blog ni :D 

Okay la till then :) hope you all like this template as much as I do :D

And dont forget to CTRL+C My BANNER ya :)


AnnieMing said...

WAAAAAHH.. Cantik oh new layout! Sa paling suka itu scrolling gallery of yours ;) Hehehe! Sa tiru lah idea ko ni. Kahkahkah.. Peniru oh kan..

Yeaaahh! Thumbs up thumbs up!

Mimi said...

Cantik oh!! Bah, keep on rocking and bersemangat!

Kris and Nadia said...

Annie~ :) yeay :) gembira oo kan :D okay2 buli ba :) tiru ja, actuali sya pun nda tau buat, nanti ko ajar2 la sya jg..hihi :D

Mimi~ Thank you :) hihi... yeah :D plus semangat World Cup :D

emelda said...

very cute :) Congrats!!!!

FifieJay said...

colourful nad.. me likey!

Kris and Nadia said...

emelda~ yeay Thank you thank you :)

Steffy~ :) hahaha.. byk bunga kan? :) me too like it :) trimas2

chegu carol said...


I tot serius apa yg ko ckp ni...hehehe...bah keep on posting good stuffs for our reading pleasure kio!

Kris and Nadia said...

Chegu Carol~ :) hahaha.. but serius ni sampai minta custom-made template utk blog ..hihi :D okay i will and try my best kio! :)

Rahma said...

two thumbs up nad!!! great n cute new template. i loikkeeeeee.... heheheee... lepas ni, tmbh besemangat mo update blog kan :D

nc said...

(^_^) LiKE!

lawa eh..i like the color combination. very cheerful.
yayyy..keep on blogging :)

Kris and Nadia said...

NC~ :) yeah yeah :D glad u like it too :) sya pun suka ni tinguk sini blog, and slalu la sya ada d cni ni :) jez find me here okay :) hihi :)

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Yea!!! yippie...can see again.

sHeiLa said... house!

cantik cantik..~

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Saya pun suka cute, kamu naik motosikal heheh.

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