Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time to pay the .....

Yes, time to pay the tags... :)
I guess most of my blogger friends remember me, and thats why they'd tagged me..
yahaha... *perasan ... hihi..

Okay tag no.1 dari Angel
Rules: The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people - Yaha.. nda mo tag org la k :) cheers

I am a... ( Teacher )I really want to go to... ( Vatican City )
My favourite place is... ( My Bed )My favourite thing is... ( PC )My favourite drink... ( McD Shake-shake it )
My favourite food... ( Cakessss..nyum2 )My favourite colour... ( Purple pinky )
I live in... ( Sabah )I was born at... ( HQE )
I attended... ( SMSM and UMS )
My favourite story... ( The story of Jesus )My hobby is?.. ( Listening to good music)I wish for... ( House and Family )
Okay done no.1...

Tag No.2 comes from Nancy

I've read the rules but I'm not tagging any one okay.. :)
1. What is your name? NADIA
2. A four letter word: NAME ( hahaha... is this count? )
3. A boy's name: NISTELROY
4. A girl's name: NANCY ( hihi )
5. An occupation: NURSE
6. A color: NAVAJO WHITE ( This is real man, you may google it :)
7. Something you wear: Neat baju kurung ( yahaha... )
8. A food: Nasi Ayam
9. Something found in the bathroom: Nasty thing ...miahahaha
10. A place: Northern Korea.. huahua...
11. A reason for being late: Not Feeling Well
12. Something you shout: " Nah! Brapa kali suda Cigu cakap!! "
13. A movie title: Nacho Libre
14. Something you drink: Nestum Ping :)
15. A musical group: Newboys ( itu ja yg sya dpt fikir ni..huhu..)
16. A street name: No Idea.. huhu....
17. A type of car: Nissan Skyline GT-R
18. A song title: New Day has Come by Celine Dion
19. A verb: Nag

Okay done no.2

Tag no.3 from Beck and Rahma

6 Random Thingy

1. I like to be wif my hubby 24/7.. ( Coz I can do anything I like ..miahahaha)
2.I do love everyones around me..
3. I dont like to hate people but cant help it when they get really annoying.
4. I can easily get sick/ gastric especiali when Im stress...
5. I really like korean food and McD... hihi...
6. I have poor make-up skills ..huhu.. really need to learn

Okay done no.3

Enough for today ..
sepa2 yg bg tag n sya lupa jawab tu, sorry ya, nanti sya check2 lg kalu ada tag blum jawab :) cheers


Adora said...

.the picture for house and family sgt kiut.

Gallivanter said...

Nice post.

nc said...

(^_^) i miss stella maris n UMS..we have the same roots..hehe

lvynana said...

mmg fofular la you ni, asyik kena tag jer ;)

HoneyBUZZin said...

wa....satu kali terus posting semua. Cikgu memang Pintar! huhu

gracie said...

yahh..itu dia berabis jwp tag haha..

InobonG ProPer said...

Aduii banyak nya tag...mcm buat homework pulak hehehe

nice job Nadia!

Kris and Nadia said...

Adora- hihihi itu ja gmbr yg sya dpt tu..n sya rasa ngam trus taruk sana :) hihi.. really wish for that..

Gallivanter- Thanks :)

NC- yes we did.. senior junior blogger relationship..miahahaha...

Lyvnana- aiseymen... byk ba kengkwn blogger kan.. sharing2 :)

Honey- yahahaha.. alang2 trus byr hutang tags :)

Gracie- ya ba.. alang2 ba... byk tu tau.. miahaha... ada lg ni blum tjawab..huahua..

Phil- ya ba.. miahaha... homework tertunggak.nasib baik nda kena denda..hihi... Thanks :)

JPP Papa said...

talking about tag mania ni... but pedulilah kan.. janji siok buat :D

I like the 1st tag.. so many things to know.. .like yer previous school smsm .. my younger sister studied there too... looooong time ago lah juga... must be yer senior lah tu.

Kris and Nadia said...

Papa joneh- hoho lama sda nda buat tag ba byk hutang sda..huahua.. :D ya janji siok buat..hihi..

glad u like it.. :) ooo sya pun looooong tym ago juga la.. thn brapa dia sana? maybe sama2 sya.. :) or maybe sya kenal..:) hihi....

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